Year 6 Transition Information for Parents

Thank you for considering Eastern Hills Senior High School for your student.

This information is for parents and students transitioning from Primary School to High School and includes details about up-and-coming School Tours, Key Dates for Parents and Students and important documents that need to be completed and returned.

There is a two-stage process when transitioning from Primary School to High School, an Application to Enrol process and then a Full Enrolment process.

The first stage is this package which is the Application to Enrol Package. Please complete and return the following documents by the requested due date June 2024.

The second stage is once a position at Eastern Hills SHS has been confirmed, you will receive a full enrolment package via your Primary School or you can pick it up from Administration at Eastern Hills SHS.

School Tours can be organised to come and have a look around on campus.  Contact the school on 9573 0300.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our School Tours.

Any concerns please contact one of our Enrolment Team members below for assistance.

Christy Munro – Enrolment Officer –
Raelene Infanti – Deputy Principal (Enrolments) –

Academic Scholarships –

The Year 7 Academic Scholarship is by application to the Principal on a scholarship application form and is awarded for high academic ability.  Students must be nominated by a teacher and need to complete an academic test conducted at the school as part of the application process.   An academic record needs to be provided and students require a reference from the class teacher.  An out-of-school reference can be provided relating to community involvement, but this is optional.  The scholarship will be awarded following a panel assessment of each student’s application.

Application forms can be found here: Academic Scholarship Application – Y7 2025

School Offerings


As an Approved Music Specialist school, Eastern Hills SHS offers Classroom Music, ATAR Music, Instrumental Music Lessons, Ensembles and a range of different Bands.



Years 7 and 8 students can experience the specialised Sports Academy Physical Education class as well as the dedicated Football Program. Year 9 and 10 students can choose Basketball, Netball and Football. Years 11 and 12 students develop skills in Physical Education Studies (ATAR and General), Health Studies (ATAR and General), Outdoor Education (General) and the Sport and Recreation Certificate course.


Our new Student Services Centre brings our Student Support Team to one Centre. Our Psychologist, Nurse, Chaplain, Program Coordinators and Year Coordinators work together to support all student needs.


The new Engagement Centre has been developed to inspire minds to shine by empowering students to develop their strengths and build resilience. The program is split into three distinct areas, Literacy, Numeracy and Educational Support. Identified students have an individually structured program, developed to meet their individual needs.



Eastern Hills SHS provides extensive VET Certificate options within the school and through partnerships with external providers. Our Career development program currently being rolled out assists students with pathway planning, career options, work experience and training access.



The school provides many pathways options to students. These include ATAR, General and Vocational Education (VET) options. Students can select one pathway or mix all three in a course that suits their needs and career direction. Lower school subjects provide students with access to experience all Learning Areas prior to selection their Year 11/12 courses.