Eastern Hills SHS

Dress Code

School Dress Requirements Are

  • EHSHS Blue Shirt (Year 7-9)
  • EHSHS White Shirt (Year 10-12)
  • EHSHS Navy Jumper or
  • EHSHS Microfibre Jacket
  • EHSHS Blue Tartan Dress, Skorts or Microfibre Shorts. Plain black belt if required EHSHS School Scarf Navy or black stockings, Skirts, Shorts and dresses need to be of a modest length

Physical Education Requirements

  • EHSHS PE Shirt in House Colours
  • Navy Blue Shorts or Skorts

Dress Requirements in Practical Areas

It is a legal requirement that students in practical areas (Home Economics, Science, Art and Design & Technology) must:

  • wear enclosed footwear
  • wear safety glasses when required to do so
  • have long hair tied back or covered securely
  • where applicable, wear approved protective clothing

Students failing to comply with these requirements may be withdrawn from practical classes

Dress Requirements for out of School Activities

Students attending out-of-school excursions are required to wear school dress to be easily identifiable as a school group. Students attending VET trade centres are required to wear clothing as prescribed by the trade centre and required as part of the course.

Students attending official functions, as representatives of the school will be required to wear a school blazer, EHSHS button up shirt, school tie and black lace up shoes.

Students representing the school for School Band activities will be required to wear the uniform applicable to the Senior, Intermediate or Junior Band.

Students attending work experience will be advised of specific dress standards which conform to employer requirements and health regulations.

School dress is required to be worn at all times by students. They can be purchased at the Uniform Shop at reasonable prices. You can contact us during opening hours on (08) 9270 4655.

The Uniform Shop will be open the following times & days:

Mondays  1 pm – 3:30 pm.
Wednesdays 8 am – 10 am

Payment is made directly to the Uniform Shop. EFTPOS, cheque and cash are acceptable.