Specialist Music Program

Specialist Music Program

The Eastern Hills Senior High School Music program is an Approved Specialist Program.

Entry to and progression through the program is on the basis of application and audition as places become available. Information regarding auditions is made available towards the end of each year. The program provides invaluable tuition and ensemble experience which provides a high quality music education experience.

The program sets high standards and expectation including attendance at all band rehearsals, camps, excursions, tours and concerts. Students not meeting these standards and expectations will have their position in the program reviewed. Outstanding conduct is expected at all times, especially when representing the School and the Music program during public performances. Conductors will not permit any students who fall short of this expectation to perform in public.

Ensemble, Band Rehearsal times and Band Registration information can be found under the School News tab.

All enquiries may be directed to Mr. Justin Lynam, Teacher in Charge, Music, Eastern Hills SHS.
Telephone 9573 0300.