Parent/Teacher Communication

Streamlining Parent-Teacher Communications

Connect is an easy, secure way to communicate electronically with teachers. Teachers at Eastern Hills Senior High School are using Connect to update parents on classroom activities including learning resources as well as provide a personal view of your child/ren’s work, assessments and feedback.

Our Year Co-ordinators and teachers are using Connect to streamline whole-school communications to parents including:

  • class calendars
  • assessment outlines, information drawn from reporting to parents; and
  • sending out reminders and alerts for assessments and assignments due dates
How to access Connect?

Parents will be given their own secure login to Connect through the school upon submission of registration. This will be a P-number as a username and a starting password that you can change.

We hope that you enjoy the Connect experience and see it as an exciting new way to stay in touch with your child’s school journey at Eastern Hills Senior High School.

Parent’s Guide to Connect – 

Student’s Guide to Connect – 

Connect Login  

Head of Learning Areas (HOLA’s)

Mathematics – Thea Coumbe (Acting HOLA)

HaSS – Kylie Howley

Science – Gary Griggs

English/LOTE – Rebecca Rafferty

Design and Technology/Home Ec – Mike Redwood

PE/Health – Jake Davis

Arts/Media – Jasmine Farmer

Engagement and Transition – Alicia Kluck

Teacher In Charge (TIC)

Music – Justin Lynam

Program Co-ordinators

Ben Smith – Y7-9

Scott Baker – Y10-12

Deputy Principals

Chris Critch

Raelene Infanti


Kristy Watson