Principal’s Message

Eastern Hills Senior High School provides a caring environment and a progressive and meaningful education that allows students to work cooperatively to develop their full potential. This education will enhance student’s self-confidence and promote life-long interest in learning that will assist students to cope and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Eastern Hills SHS is proud to offer students a comprehensive program suited to their needs with a range of courses including vocational and academic. The school provides a comprehensive, structured transition from primary to secondary with a strong emphasis on the learning needs of young adolescents. Teachers actively engage students with a teaching focus designed to provide learning opportunities which enhance learning for the contemporary world.

The school’s curriculum perspective provides a model of development for students in their transition from school towards continuing education beyond secondary school or employment. Teachers seek to provide opportunities for students designed to optimize success in the progression from secondary school to University, further education, training or employment. There is a strong emphasis on pastoral care appropriate to the needs of adolescents and early adulthood.

The exceptional music program at Eastern Hills SHS has the status of an approved Specialist Program. The ATAR Music program is rated amongst the best in WA. As part of the program, three school bands operate as well as instrumental ensemble groups and individual performers.

The school’s Education Support Program provides appropriate pathways suited to the needs of students with special needs. The program is inclusive providing adjustments to allow students the benefit of studying a range of courses with their peers through to Year 12. Additionally, the school provides a very well regarded Literacy Program for students with specific needs in this area.

In recent years the school has developed a range of sports programs that meet the interests of students. These sports include AFL, Soccer, Netball and Basketball. In addition, an extensive Outdoor Recreation program includes mountain biking, snorkelling, canoeing and other activities which contribute to skills required for camping and expedition activities.

The school seeks to support all students through these and other programs designed to provide opportunities for students to work to the best of their ability and fulfil their aspirations.