Student Services

The Eastern Hills Senior High School Motto is “Enriched by Effort”. Whilst the unique Hills setting of the school provides a pleasant environment in which to learn, the true spirit of the school lies in the positive interaction of its people.

We aim to develop a working partnership with parents to assist your child’s education. We anticipate that your interaction with the school will be positive and that the outcomes will be beneficial and rewarding. Our school’s aim is, in conjunction with the community, to provide a safe and caring environment, which will promote the development of all students and maximise their participation in, and contribution to, society. Staff and students at Eastern Hills SHS are guided by the four core values that focus on Learning, Excellence, Equity and Care. These values underpin decisions that are taken by staff and students to ensure that courses of action taken are appropriate.

Students who attend Eastern Hills benefit from a caring, supportive school environment. Our experienced and well-resourced Student Services Team offer a range of services to promote academic, physical, social and emotional well-being. Our procedures and programs are developmental and preventative and based upon the Positive Behaviours in School model of self-discipline, participation and shared responsibilities. Students are encouraged to make good decisions and are recognised for doing so. Eastern Hills provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills as student councillors, army cadets and academic and sporting competitions. A restorative practices approach supports our behaviour management procedures.


We have a full time school chaplain who provides programs and support to students. This service is supported by YouthCare.


Our school psychologist attends to students requiring extra support three days per week. Please contact the school if you require further information about this service.


Our school nurse is available three days per week. Immunisations are provided through this service and we also have first aid officers located on the school site for minor medical issues.


Each Year level has it’s own Coordinator you can contact them on 9573 0300.

Year 7 – Marie Parker
Year 8 –  Jenny Zhou
Year 9 – Debra Hawthorne
Year 10 – Steve Reeves
Year 11 – Jillian Hardy
Year 12 –  Sam Williams